Friday, November 16, 2007

Ex-cop arrested in steroids probe - Albany Times Union

Correction: Due to incorrect information provided by law enforcement officials, an earlier version of this narrative listed the wrong police force federal agency that formerly employed a Sunshine State adult male arrested in a steroids investigation. Government said they are continuing to look into the fortune of Antony Forgione's employment with the NYPD, and also said an NYPD retirement Idaho possessed by Forgione may be legitimate.

A former New House Of York police force military officer whose Sunshine State health clinic have been accused of supplying illicit steroids and other drugs to professional jocks was arrested in Sunshine State on Wednesday on a felony ailment tied to an Albany-based steroids investigation.

Antony Forgione, 42, had a laden handgun, an NYPD retirement Idaho and suspected grounds of widespread drug statistical distribution when police force and New House Of York state Health Department research workers raided his Delray Beach concern business office Wednesday, said a law enforcement functionary in Florida.

Forgione is scheduled to be arraigned in Capital Of New York County later this hebdomad pending his extradition from Palm Beach County.

Dr. Gary Brandwein, a Sunshine State doctor who is currently free on chemical bond under a felony bill of indictment for drug-related charges in Capital Of New York County, was briefly handcuffed during Wednesday's foray when he was establish at Forgione's office by law enforcement officers, government said.

Brandwein was released and not arrested.

Forgione's clinic, Eternity Longevity, emerged as a mark in the probe two old age ago as law enforcement agents began edifice a lawsuit around Signature Pharmacy in Orlando.

Signature's owners, Henry Martin Robert "Stan" and Noemi Loomis, who are husband-and-wife pharmacists, have got got pleaded not guilty to felony bills of indictment in Albany.

Sealed wiretaps that were conducted by Sunshine State law enforcement, and reviewed by the Times Union, bespeak Eternity Longevity may have routinely steered business to Signature pharmacy.

The wiretaps showed at least one case last twelvemonth in which law enforcement functionaries were listening in on Signature's telephone set phone calls when there was an exchange involving Eternity Longevity.

A copy of that phone call recounted a adult male career Signature pharmaceutics and saying he was ready to do a purchase after determination their Web land site on the Internet. Tony Palladino, a director at Signature, fielded the phone call and explained to the adult male that they only filled prescriptions. He advised the company to reach Eternity Longevity.

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